About Winbox Chips

winbox chip

Turn Winbox Chips to Cash

The Winbox chips system provides chips that are calculated based on the rebate from your subordinate players’ bets and your total bets. Additionally, the “LIONKING” game platform also offers occasional rewards in the form of chips of varying amounts.

Some games, such as “EKOR”, “Poker Win”, and “Lion King”, support chips for entertainment, which is indicated by a small green chip logo on the game icon. While chips cannot be withdrawn, they will automatically convert to credit as long as they are valid bets.

The system dispenses chips into the user’s wallet on a daily basis at GMT + 8 15:00 to 16:00. The total bet is reset daily, and the calculation of the total bet and reimbursement time starts from 12:00 until 11:59 the next day.