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How To Register Winbox?

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Winbox is a popular management software for MikroTik routers that allows you to configure and manage your router from your device easily. Here’s How to register WINBOX?:

1.Download Winbox:

First, download Winbox from the Apple App Store or an alternative source such as Cydia Impactor or TutuApp.

2.Connect to Your Router:

Open Winbox and connect to your MikroTik router by entering the IP address and port number in the connection window.

3.Enter Login Credentials:

Enter your login credentials for your MikroTik router. MikroTik routers’ default usernames and passwords are “admin” and. “

4.Choose a License:

Select the appropriate license for your MikroTik router from the license menu.

5.Register Your License:

Enter your license key in the registration window to register your Winbox license.

6.License Activation:

You can activate your license by clicking the “Activate” button after you enter your license key.

Following these steps, you can successfully register your Winbox license and start using the software to manage your MikroTik router. With Winbox, you can easily configure your router’s performance, manage network settings, and monitor logs.