Winbox Credits

Top up ( Bank Transfer )

bank transfer 1

1. Select "Top Up (Bank Transfer)"

bank transfer 2

2. Select the bank you want to Transfer.

bank transfer 3

3. Key in the Top Up Amount.

bank transfer 4

4. Transfer the balance to the corresponding bank account and capture the receipt with your phone camera.

bank transfer 5

5. Click the button and upload your receipt.

bank transfer 6

6. Our Support will review the payment and proceed within 45 min

Top up ( Instant Transfer )

instant top up 1

1. Select "Instant Top Up".

instant top up 2

2. Select your bank.

instant top up 3

3. Insert the top up amount.

instant top up 4

4. Login your bank account id and password.

instant top up 5

5. Once received the OTP sent by bank, key in.

instant top up 6

6. Reload successfully and credits will update instantly

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