winbox FREE RM100

Winbox Real Name Authentication

Extra FREE RM100 Credits

How to do authetication ?

  1. Click … icon
  2. Click “Real Name authentication”
  3. Enter your real name
  4. Select Bank & Your Bank Account Number
  5. After complete, Press OK Button
  6. Name much same as your bank account number
  7. Real-name authentication successful

WINBOX players need to complete the first recharge after real-name authentication to get rewards. The required steps are as follows:

Step 1: Go to common tools and click “Score/Score”

Step 2: Click on “Bank transfer credit” and enter the credit amount

Step 3: Use your mobile phone/computer to make an online bank transfer

Step 4: Upload your transfer screenshot receipt and submit


    • Make sure that your real-name authentication must be consistent with the bank account name.
    • You need to top up using mobile phone/computer online bank transfer to get rewards.

In order to improve the privacy and security of users, the platform will require users to perform real-name authentication.

The user needs to ensure that the real-name authentication is consistent with the name of the bank account.

The name of the bank account for scoring/washing points
must be the same as the real-name authentication

Real-name authentication Q&A

Unlimited binding of UID to the same bank account.

Real name is not mandatory, but without real name, you cannot transfer money, receive money, or add friends.

The gift of RM100 is based on the bank account. For example, a user with 5 bank accounts can get 5 rewards, but must use 5 UIDs for real-name binding

Prevent those who want to use the company account to carry out fraudulent activities.

If a bank account is bound to a real name, only one first charge reward can be obtained.

According to the minimum recharge amount on the platform, it is currently RM20.

You must use bank transfer to earn points to get the first recharge reward after real name.

Banks with any name can recharge without real-name authentication, and the bank that was used for recharge last time must be mentioned for cash withdrawal.

A UID can only be bound to one real name.

Yes, you can get it by registering through our website