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Have a Fun and Sexy Girl Accompany Anytime with AE SEXY

For those who frequently engage in online casino games, it is likely that they have developed a strong allegiance to one particular online casino. This can be attributed to their affection for the various games offered by the casino. One such example is Winbox, which is a favored platform among many players due to its enjoyable and pleasurable games, game rooms, payouts, promotions, and customer service. Winbox offers a diverse range of 14 casino game rooms, each with its own unique features that cater to the preferences of any player. Recently, Winbox has collaborated with AE Sexy, a game room that offers much more than just entertainment.

AE Sexy online game – Winbox Introduction

Once known as Sexy Gaming, AE Sexy (AE 性感百家乐) raises curiosity about its name. Read on to find out more!

Before we delve into the details, here’s a brief background about AE Group (Awesome Entertainment Group). Founded in 2016, AE Group has quickly become one of the most influential figures in the online casino industry. The group has collaborated with experts from various fields to produce an extensive range of top-rated games such as slots, lottery, esports, and more. Currently, AE Group has introduced several labels, including AE Sexy, AE Lottery, AE Esports, and AE White Label.

Apart from online activities, AE Group has also established a physical presence in Macau, Cambodia, and the Philippines through the Venus Group, an overseas project that offers VIP lounges and UUPay, an immediate currency exchange service. Furthermore, AE Group is also active in the offline segment through the Venus Entertainment City in Cambodia, which includes brick-and-mortar casinos and a science park.

Belum Try Belum Tau, Sudah Try Hari Hari Mahu

You might be wondering why AE Sexy has such a name. Well, they take entertainment to another level. As you log in to play any of their live casino games, you’ll be greeted by female dealers dressed in bikinis, welcoming you with big smiles.

However, don’t be surprised and exit the game thinking you’ve entered the wrong room. The bikini-clad dealers are the most prominent feature of AE Sexy and the reason for the word “sexy” in the name.

It’s not news that the female dealers are hand-picked and incredibly attractive, dressed in tight and revealing outfits, seductive smiles, and luring eyes. But AE Group has challenged the norm and given a breath of fresh air to the traditional casino experience. Who can resist the allure of gambling with bikini-clad girls?

To add to the excitement, these live dealers know how to make the experience more enjoyable:

  • The dealers occasionally adjust their bra straps, making their breasts bounce ever so lightly.
  • They may do a little dance as they wait for you to place your bets.
  • They blow you a kiss and wish you good luck in your game.

Although it’s a virtual space, these gestures feel realistic, as the live casino games are shot from the front angle, making it seem like you’re sitting in front of the dealer. Additionally, AE Sexy utilizes cutting-edge audio and streaming technology to provide high-quality, seamless live streams.


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What can you get from AE Sexy live casino games?

We know everyone cannot wait to play the games in AE Sexy. But hold your horses! Let us run you through on the features before you start playing.

1. Popular online casino games

AE Sexy offers live Baccarat (classic or insurance), Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, and Roulette, with each game lasting around 22 seconds. The Multiple Bet and Quick Bet functions are available, allowing players to place bets conveniently and maximize their odds of winning.

For Baccarat (classic or insurance), Dragon Tiger, and Sic Bo, a road map display is available at the bottom of the screen, enabling players to quickly assess the game’s history, spot trends, and predict future results. AE Sexy also uses icons to indicate the Banker’s and Player’s trends, and after each round, an enlarged visual of the results will appear.

Overall, AE Sexy’s live casino games are well-presented, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. If you wish to play another game, you can click on the Home button located at the top right corner of the screen to return to the homepage. Alternatively, if you wish to switch tables, the Change Table button located on the right side of the screen will take you to a page where you can choose from a list of available tables.

2. Interaction with the dealers

On the computer screen next to the croupier, you can find her phone number. This enables you to contact her if you wish to interact with her or create a friendship outside of AE Sexy online casino.

During the game, you have the option to turn on or off various sounds:

a) Streaming audio: The live ambient sound from the recording studio, including the croupier’s voice.
b) Result sound: A sound that plays when a player places a bet or when the game ends.
c) Background music: Upbeat tunes that create a lively and exciting atmosphere.
d) Betting sound: A voiceover that provides words of encouragement and simple instructions from the online casino game.

3. Useful Guides

Located in the top right corner of the screen, you will find an icon with three horizontal lines. Clicking on it will reveal a drop-down panel with six different settings and manuals, including the chips setting, transaction report, and Baccarat/Sic Bo/Dragon Tiger/Roulette guide.

a) Chips setting: This allows players to choose the value of their chips.
b) Transaction report: This feature displays the player’s expenditure and return of investment for each live casino game played within a specific period.
c) Baccarat/Sic Bo/Dragon/Roulette guide: This section provides players with valuable information about the gameplay, game rules, card values, game payouts, and more.

4. Selecting your preferred language

For players who are new to the game, AE Sexy, or online gambling in general, these guides will prove to be very helpful.

In addition to players from Malaysia, those from selected countries can also join in the AE Sexy fun! To cater to our overseas friends, players can switch the language from English to Mandarin, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean. The language setting can be found in the top right corner of the screen.

Can you play AE Sexy live casino games for free?

Certainly! By visiting the AE Sexy website, you can play live Roulette, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, and Baccarat for free using the demo version.

Just like playing with real money, you have the ability to adjust your betting limit, view the road map, and communicate with the live dealer.

You can place as many bets as you desire with a balance of $2,000 until you feel confident enough to begin betting with real money.

AE SEXY Lottery

AE Lottery boasts the best odds in Southeast Asia with lottery games from Thailand, such as the Thai Government lottery, Thai Quick lottery, Stock lottery, Lao Government lottery, and Hanoi lottery. Besides Thailand, AE offers China lottery as well.

AE SEXY is working on launching the Malaysia lottery and Vietnam lottery now.
*AE Lottery is not available in Winbox.

AE SEXY Esports

Each month, AE Esports offers more than 5,000 online esports games, including 25 mainstream esports games such as CS: GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends. AE also has its in-house transfer wallet and more than 60 payment channels.

AE Esports boasts having the trendiest and most variety of games in the esports industry.
*AE Lottery is not available in Winbox.

You can experience the best of what Winbox has to offer by visiting our live casino game room. And while you’re doing that, be sure to make time and enjoy our thrilling promotions currently running on Winbox.